Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama Statue in Menteng, Jakarta

President Obama is the first president in the United States that comes from black people. He had spent some his childhood in Indonesia. A biggest Muslim majority country which is the world's largest archipelago country located in the hemisphere near the equator. President Obama in Indonesia around the year 1967-1971 and had studied at SDN Menteng 01.

President Obama will visit Indonesia in the next 20-22 Maret, a statue has been prepared to welcome. The statue named "Bary's Dream" was the next to reflect the essence of a spirit which should not despair and give up. A bronze statue with gold wrapping it with a pose stand that seemed to give hope to anyone who saw it. The statue was moved from the park menteng to SDN 01 Menteng where President Obama had attended. 

At this time his visit, President Obama will take and the First Lady and her son just to flash back and reportedly will visit Borobudur Temple. Good relations between Indonesia-USA can be a mutually beneficial to stimulate the growth in regional scale.Here some picture related to the statue (from various source).



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