Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama Statue in Menteng, Jakarta

President Obama is the first president in the United States that comes from black people. He had spent some his childhood in Indonesia. A biggest Muslim majority country which is the world's largest archipelago country located in the hemisphere near the equator. President Obama in Indonesia around the year 1967-1971 and had studied at SDN Menteng 01.

President Obama will visit Indonesia in the next 20-22 Maret, a statue has been prepared to welcome. The statue named "Bary's Dream" was the next to reflect the essence of a spirit which should not despair and give up. A bronze statue with gold wrapping it with a pose stand that seemed to give hope to anyone who saw it. The statue was moved from the park menteng to SDN 01 Menteng where President Obama had attended. 

At this time his visit, President Obama will take and the First Lady and her son just to flash back and reportedly will visit Borobudur Temple. Good relations between Indonesia-USA can be a mutually beneficial to stimulate the growth in regional scale.Here some picture related to the statue (from various source).


Friday, March 5, 2010

First Peformance By John Legend in Java Jazz 2010

The first day in Java Jazz 2010, prominent performance artist is John Legend, known for its song titled "Save Room", and "Ordinary People". With setting the stage mostly in  dark color reflects a romantic and elegant atmosphere. In the middle of the show, John took a woman that climbed onto the stage to dance with. This adds splendor John tonight's performance especially when she sang the song "Ordinary People". The audience sang out loud until it song finished.

Willingness confirmation link John Legend to perform in Java Jazz 2010

I appraise John's overall performance shows that he is like a world-class musician with a brilliant stage appearance. Along all the performances the spectators crowded with applause and appreciation. It should be expected on day-to-2 and 3 are Babyface and The Manhattan Transfer.

At Java Jazz this time, viewers who missed the tickets for sold out can be watched via streaming broadcast broadcast over Video Streaming and Radio Streaming. So my friends who are at home or abroad can watch and enjoy the Java Jazz 2010.

Economics of Love

In our life, a graph can describe many meanings and many interpretations. Teachers often associate a graph with daily life to be easy to understand. There is a strong correlation between love with a graph on the side. Analysis will be used to Perceive Use perspective to Perceive Value and Price. The subject of analysis is normal WOMEN.

In many cases women are choosing a partner who provides more value, for example, 4-wheel car has an excellent brand, which gedget multimedia, etc.. When in fact the price of the partner is not more than the others, as a whole. If seen from the graph of the usual pairing at the point 0, while couples who have a few advantages that the point P (1.0). That's why women say the affective complex creatures (ed: the article will follow).

While from some couples who feel extremely insecure because of the excess surplus of women will experience a massive depression and in the graph at point-b. Usually in this case the woman is a creature of high dominance. But he was not aware that the price (she was) not more than other women ....

Often women 'label' itself is excessive and not in accordance with the prices in 'market'. And now in the market competition is pure market. In many cases, they pending 'until the time was right'Lol, they just leave with unclear reasons bla..bla..bla.. etc. They not like to think that there are many boys who wait in line to just get little attentions. Whereas in this theory is the high price reflect that the women are superb. but the fact?

For this theory suggest that many solutions ranging from quality improvement to determine which market segments would be seized .. but keep in mind that competitors will not stay still see his rival in an attempt to capture the market ... It must be the original life more fun than just writing this ... Think boys ...

Leaders as an Effective Communicator

Maintenance of good relations to the outside and into the communications made through the process, either orally or in writing. Various categories that have taken the decision submitted to the through lines of communication within the organization. In fact the interaction is between superior and subordinate, between the leadership officials, between officials and the leadership of the executive officers among the operational activities made possible thanks to a matching occurs with effective communication. It's the same with out the relations.

It is undeniable that one of the functions that are essential leadership is effective communication. Thus the importance of effective communication in improving one's ability to lead so that it can be said that mastering the techniques of good communication is a conditio sine qua non for any official leadership.

In fact there are opinions that say the emergence of discord, disagreement and even conflict, mainly due to the lack of effective communication between the parties related to each other. And the time used by the person most-about 70% is used to communicate.

Essentially meant to communicate a message transfer from one party to the party or other parties. A communication process can be said to take place effectively if the message was the source of the message is received or interpreted by the target communication-message-receiver in the form, soul, and spirit are exactly the same as the desired and intended by the source of the message.

Communication model can be described as follows:

Women and Men Altruism

What is altruism?
Altruism focuses on a motivation to help others or a want to do good without reward, while duty focuses on a moral obligation towards a specific individual... Pure altruism is giving without regard to reward or the benefits of recognition and need (source:

Many women act based on emotional-thinking, where men use rational-logic-thinking. Actually this difference make unique collaboration both women and men, but sometimes also become source of problems. A couple gets divorced or break because one or two of them can’t understand each other. Women use to much emotions, while men use to much logic. Many expert suggest that couple should find equilibrium between rationality and emotional, so that they can solve daily problems.

Why altruism is so important to strengthen relationship?
Because the base of altruism is preferred to give something than accept, serve than being served. A form just like empathy or strong sympathy that makes people around is happy. This is the reason why people like Gandhi so much loved by the Indians, why lots of young man proud to Mandela. All of this happens because they have strong altruism that reflected in their life.

But the world is changed, women with tertiary educations who choose as a partner men who have not finished high school are 10 times more likely to separate or get divorced said Patricia Karvelas. What we face in society is not the same with theory that we read in books. Cause culture is not always formed by society, but educational background, friend, neighborhood, etc. They blended all of the juice in their head, without filter it again.

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