Friday, March 5, 2010

Economics of Love

In our life, a graph can describe many meanings and many interpretations. Teachers often associate a graph with daily life to be easy to understand. There is a strong correlation between love with a graph on the side. Analysis will be used to Perceive Use perspective to Perceive Value and Price. The subject of analysis is normal WOMEN.

In many cases women are choosing a partner who provides more value, for example, 4-wheel car has an excellent brand, which gedget multimedia, etc.. When in fact the price of the partner is not more than the others, as a whole. If seen from the graph of the usual pairing at the point 0, while couples who have a few advantages that the point P (1.0). That's why women say the affective complex creatures (ed: the article will follow).

While from some couples who feel extremely insecure because of the excess surplus of women will experience a massive depression and in the graph at point-b. Usually in this case the woman is a creature of high dominance. But he was not aware that the price (she was) not more than other women ....

Often women 'label' itself is excessive and not in accordance with the prices in 'market'. And now in the market competition is pure market. In many cases, they pending 'until the time was right'Lol, they just leave with unclear reasons bla..bla..bla.. etc. They not like to think that there are many boys who wait in line to just get little attentions. Whereas in this theory is the high price reflect that the women are superb. but the fact?

For this theory suggest that many solutions ranging from quality improvement to determine which market segments would be seized .. but keep in mind that competitors will not stay still see his rival in an attempt to capture the market ... It must be the original life more fun than just writing this ... Think boys ...


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